Sea Change


With everything that’s been going on, I’ve been overwhelmed by the emotions of it all. I don’t dabble in poetry often, so bare with the sap of it all.

BMX Icarus

“In every youth’s life there is a rebel who comes in and steals your heart with no regard as to the fact that you need that heart and that you’ve grown quite attached, thank you very much. Mine was a BMX bad boy called Adam (his name was not actually Adam, but whether because age or the natural fading of memory I can’t remember his name. Just know that he was white and middle class and so Adam is a perfectly suitable and altogether plausible name.) I always imagine he tasted like Pop-Rocks; all sweetness and firecrackers wrapped in a late-90s bowl cut all five members of the Backstreet Boys would have been jealous of.” – BMX Icarus, Heather Ayres

Obligatory “Beginnings”

sometimes there’s nothing to it but to do it …

Way back when Justin Bieber was just a precocious, Canadian pop phenom and cellphones came in one sturdy brick design, I tried to start a blog. Like many who came before and after, I let that sucker flatline and fade into the ever-expanding abyss that is the internet today. However, as I aged like fine wine and started writing more, I realized that I needed to create an outlet where I could share my writing woes, inspirations, and maybe even a half-baked short story or two.


And thus, this blog was born. Since this is the first post, maybe conceived is a better descriptor of what is going on here. I’ve always had trouble with the whole business of starting anything like this. It always seems to come out too contrived or too disingenuous which is definitely not the atmosphere I’m trying to create in this space.


But like the omnipresent they say, “there’s no time like the present”, so here it goes. Check back every week for tales from the writing desk and other flights of word-nerd fancy!

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